Our web based Dairy-RP Smart Quote tool is now available for all Atten Babler Insurance Services clients at:


The proprietary Smart Quote algorithm considers your components, your State and the current prices and volatilities for all of the Class III, Class IV, cheese, butter, non-fat dry milk and whey markets. This array of variables drives your milk price and your Dairy-RP premium costs.

The Smart Quote tool cuts through complexity and empowers you and your agent to make an informed decision optimized for your specific dairy. Additional customization and default settings can be applied in consultation with your agent.

Login Information:

Login to Smart Quote on your computer, phone or tablet with the account information below to get started today.  If you haven’t received your login information, contact Belinda today 800-884-8290 or https://attenbablerinsurance.com/contact#email-us-anchor.

Click below to learn how to use our Smart Quote Tool:


Questions & Feature Requests

We are working hard to build a tool that simplifies the DRP process. This is the first iteration of the tool and many more features are planned. We are here to answer any questions you may have about this version, and we welcome any feature requests that would make the tool more useful for you.